Taxi service from Nagano Station to Nagano resorts.

■Transer is easy! 'Pick-up service' to the ticket gate of Nagano Station!!
It is approximately 90 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano station.
The surrounding mountains that became the venue for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano are highly evaluated from around the world as a natural powder snow (Japow). There is world famous cute monkeys hot spa. others, museum where is weapons(sords/armor..) and letter Used in the sengoku period.There is world famous painter 'Katsusika Hokusai' museum.
It is a taxi service to the resort which fully enjoy Nagano resorts such as Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, Myoko Kogen,Snow Monkey,Obuse town,Matsusiro town. A taxi driver will pick you up at the station's ticket gate (Shinkansen / conventional line)!

  • name card

    I will bring with a name card.

  • Sedan-taxi

    4 Passengers + 1or2 luggage
    stored in trunk.

  • Jumbo-taxi

    9 passengers + a lot of luggages.

Travel time and fare information

■It will be the travel time and approximate fare(円:JPY) from JR Nagano Station to each ski resort.
If time is given priority, we will use toll roads.The charge will be borne by the customer.

・Shiga-kogen / Snow Monkey : +580 円(JPY)
・Hakuba : +210 円(JPY)
・Nozawa Onsen : +680 円(JPY)

Nagano resorts
【One way】
Travel time(minutes) Sedan-taxi(4passengers)
【One way】
【One way】
70~80 minutes 19,800円 28,000円
90~100 minutes 23,200円 33,000円
Shiga kogen
90 minutes 23,000円 33,300円
Shiga kogen(Oku shiga) 120 minutes 26,000円 37,600円
Nozawa Onsen 90 minutes 21,600円 31,200円
Myoko kogen 90 minutes 24,600円 35,500円
Snow Monkey resort 70 minutes 16,200円 23,000円
Matsusiro town 30 minutes 5,800円 8,300円
Obuse town 45 minutes 7,900円 11,200円
Togakusi-shrines(Okusya) 45 minutes 10,900円 15,400円

【Round tour】It is a sightseeing taxi departing from Nagano station and visiting sightseeing spots.
Travel time is the total time that departs from Nagano station, goes round tourist spot and returns to Nagano station.

Nagano resorts
【Round tour】
Travel time
【Round tour】
【Round tour】
【Snow monkey resort】

Snow Monkey resort(2 hours)
240 minutes 32,800円 49,600円

Togakusi-shrines tyusya(1 hours)
⇒ Togakusi-shrines Okusya(2 hours)
240 minutes 32,800円 49,600円

Matsusiro-jo castle(0.5 hour)
⇒ Sanada tresure museum(1 hours)
⇒ Sanada tei mansion(1 hours)
210 minutes 28,700円 43,400円

※ In case of cancellation 【One way / Round tour】 ※
Be sure to contact us by the day before.
If you can not contact us, we may charge a cancellation fee.

About communication

■Our company does not have drivers who can speak foreign languages.
For communication with the customers, The driver has two tools.

One is a pointing communication card.
When getting on a waiting car at the station, Using this tool, We will grasp the destination. The driver can inform the approximate fare and travel time in advance. As a result, we can provide you with comfortable taxi service.

The other one is an automatic translator'POKETALK' that supports multiple languages!
For customers who applied for advance reservation, We will communicate using automatic translator at the time of riding. This machine can translate words as well as sentences instantly and precisely.

In this way, we are making an effort to communicate with customers.

Contact information

■Please make a reservation in advance.
Because We will arrange a driver at the ticket gate at the time the train arrives.
We also manage the availability of the car on the day. Please contact the following inquiries.
By inquiry alone, reservation will not be completed.
Reservation will be completed with reply from our company.

Please contact us for fare inquiries, reservation for pick-up and sightseeing spots!

Inquiry form

・Email: tubametaxi.nagano@gmail.com
・FAX: 026-235-3663 FAX Paper(Please fax only the second!)

Please enter the following contents in the mail body and FAX.It may not be possible to reply if you do not input it.

① TEL and Email :
② Your Name :
③ Date and time :
④ Number of passengers :
⑤ Pickup location : Nagano Station Shinkansen ticket gate etc.
 Details :Kagayaki 536 arriving at Nagano station at 9:35 etc.
⑥ Destination : Hakuba Happo one / 〇〇Hotel etc.
⑦ Number of luggage :